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Spouses need to access usernames and passwords

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Estate Planning |

In California and across the United States, women need to know how to access data regarding their financial accounts. This knowledge is especially important if a husband passes away. A woman should have access to her husband’s online passwords, usernames and answers to secret security questions. If a spouse dies without leaving his wife these types of vital keys, the situation may turn into a financial dilemma. For example, the wife may not have the ability to find out information about cellphone payments or online shopping accounts.

In today’s modern computer and cellphone era, paperwork is not always available. Plus, many women permit their spouses to handle all the financial matters of their household. Even the most knowledgeable technician is not always capable of getting into the storage area of a computer’s hard drive. Since statistics show that women typically live longer than men, it is critical for wives to obtain financial information before their husbands become ill or die.

Women can get more organized with the help of a checklist that includes necessary financial and legal documents. A checklist should include bank records, investment account information, last wills and testaments, estate plans, warranties for appliances and furnishings, titles to vehicles, and the names and numbers for plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and handymen. In addition, women need to know that accounts listing beneficiaries take precedence over wills.

Any widow who has recently lost her husband may want to set up a free initial consultation with an estate planning lawyer. Once accepted as a client, an attorney may want to view the financial documents to ensure that everything looks correct. The slightest error can cause a financial disaster. Contacting an estate planning lawyer may benefit a grieving widow who needs assistance in sorting through complex legal and financial paperwork and online documents.