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Trust and Estate Litigation

Disputes can happen during the administration of a trust or estate, particularly when it concerns large sums of money or high-value assets. The disagreements may occur between the fiduciary and beneficiaries, involve third parties, or arise between two or more beneficiaries. An experienced trust and estate litigation attorney can help you protect your legal rights amid the conflict.

Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group has an established history of success as trust and estate litigators in California. We’ll provide the legal guidance you need to successfully navigate complex controversies and resolve disputes, including presenting your case to the courts when necessary.

How Our Trust and Estate Litigation Lawyers Can Help

Our skilled and experienced team offers counsel across multiple trust and estate issues that can arise during administration.

Document Review

The first step in the process involves a thorough legal review of the trust agreement or will. These documents are often complex, and an in-depth analysis is essential to understanding the circumstances. Our team has the required legal knowledge to interpret the provisions and determine their significance and potential impact.

Estate and Trust Administration or Distribution Disputes

When pursuing legal action is necessary, count on your Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group estate and trust litigation attorney for representation involving:

  • Accounting and property disputes: Accurately detailing every asset that goes into and out of a trust is mandatory. We have experience defending mismanagement claims against trustees and bringing suit against the entity on behalf of beneficiaries and creditors.
  • Asset recovery: Recovery of misappropriated assets may be possible in some circumstances. Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group can competently litigate on behalf of beneficiaries, the trust or the estate to regain assets when the potential exists.
  • Document validity claims: The capacity of the trust’s creator is essential to establishing a valid agreement. Our team can help resolve conflicts over whether the individual was of sound mind at the time of creation.
  • Document forgery claims: Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group has a team experienced with document forgery challenges. We can provide the legal services needed to prove or disprove a signature’s author.
  • Trustee removal and surcharges: In cases of asset mismanagement, it may be possible for the trustee to be removed or to pay restitution or damages. Our team can help defend the fiduciary’s actions or pursue removal and surcharges.
  • Trust modification and reformation: Changing a trust’s terms and provisions can be complex if the creator is no longer competent or has passed away. We have successfully helped trustees and beneficiaries petition the courts for permission to modify or reform the trust when necessary.
  • Elder abuse or coercion claims: Unfortunately, some bad actors willingly take advantage of older people and those with diminished mental faculties. Our team can effectively litigate when such situations have occurred or defend fiduciaries against fraudulent actions.

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The window for legal challenges varies depending on the type of challenge and applicable California laws, so it’s vital to seek guidance quickly. Our team can help you manage the uncertainty and restore your peace of mind. We’ll review your specific trust or estate circumstances and counsel you on the best available options for your situation.

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