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Real Estate Attorneys

At Barulich Dugoni Law Group, Inc., our real estate litigation and planning attorneys understand the significance of our clients’ real estate transactions and how important a forward-thinking, cost-effective approach is. In crafting a strategy to address your needs, we will ensure your legal rights are protected while safeguarding your best interests.

Legal Guidance Throughout A Significant Investment

Real estate transactions and investments are some of the largest you can make. Given this, it is important to do things the right way from the very start to avoid potential future issues related to taxes, liens, zoning and more.

Assistance With Both Residential And Commercial Issues

Our real estate attorneys are skilled in assisting with a wide array of real estate issues in California, including sales, purchases and leases of both commercial and residential properties.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or both, the purchase or sale of real estate can greatly affect your financial well-being. If the buying or selling process you are either considering or engulfed in is complex, consulting with an attorney can both relieve you of making a misguided decision and help prevent future conflict.

Consideration Of Multiple Factors Within Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions can have rippling effects on multiple aspects of your life. Given this, our knowledge in other relevant areas of the law can be advantageous to you. We can address any questions you may have on the implications of your real estate transaction, including:

  • Property tax planning considerations
  • What will happen to your property from an estate planning perspective
  • Incorporating a property into your trust

Our approach is to help clients both avoid and address issues. Staying true to this, our attorneys can assist in anticipating any risks that may arise from your transaction. Should a dispute occur, we are experienced litigators and can provide dedicated representation in finding an optimal resolution for you.

Discuss Your Real Estate Issue With A Skilled Attorney

Contact our Burlingame office to learn how our attorneys can be of assistance with your real estate legal matter. A lawyer experienced with commercial and residential real estate can develop a comprehensive strategy that prioritizes addressing your needs. Call us at 650-292-2900, or submit an inquiry online.