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Real Estate Purchases and Transactions

Buying or selling residential or commercial real estate or performing other transactions can result in multiple complex legal issues. These transactions can impact several aspects of an individual’s or entity’s financial situation, including the estate planning process.

Discussing these activities with an experienced real estate transaction attorney can help you navigate the challenges and ensure the best outcome. If you’re in California, the knowledgeable legal professionals at Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group can guide you through the process and remove the burden from your shoulders.

How Do Real Estate Transactions Impact Estate Planning?

Real estate transactions and estate planning intersect in several areas.


Real estate holdings may be subject to estate taxes, which can place a substantial financial burden on the heirs who receive the property. A lawyer specializing in real estate transactions can develop and implement various strategies, such as gifting and setting up trusts, that can minimize these taxes.

Planning for Incapacity

What happens if the buyer becomes incapacitated after completing a real estate purchase? Legal resources like powers of attorney and advance health care directives can ensure these assets are managed or distributed according to the owner’s wishes.

Business Succession

A business owner may acquire commercial property to operate the enterprise. Careful estate planning can establish a legal framework for transferring the property and the business itself after the owner dies, helping to create a smooth transition to the successors.

Protecting Assets

Creditors could attempt to obtain property and other assets when the owner passes away or becomes incapacitated. A lawyer who understands real estate purchases can establish trusts and other legal instruments to safeguard real estate from collection activities, lawsuits and other risks that could impact the beneficiaries’ inheritance.

Avoiding Probate

Any acquired real estate could be subject to probate, which is the process of validating and distributing an individual’s or entity’s assets upon death. Estate planning can utilize various legal techniques to transfer these holdings outside of probate, ensuring a faster, smoother and more private distribution to the heirs.

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