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We represent individuals and entities in contested matters.

Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group has an active commercial and civil litigation practice across a broad range of practice areas, including by way of example, contract disputes, officer and director breach of duties, accounting fraud, business buyouts, corporate partnership controversies and real estate litigation, as well as general civil litigation. We represent individuals, shareholders, closely held companies, partnerships, corporations, and other entities in contested matters from prelitigation through trial and appeals.

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Our Business and Civil Litigation Practice Areas

Our firm represents clients in various business-related legal issues and cases. You will work with a capable commercial litigation attorney in California with extensive experience in these and other relevant areas:

1. Contract Disputes

Disagreements between parties in a contractual arrangement can occur in several ways. When you choose our firm, you will partner with an attorney who handles contract disputes quickly and efficiently. Examples of areas where we can assist you include breach of contract, payment arrangements, scheduling delays and clause interpretation.

2. Officer and Director Breach of Duties

Corporate officers and directors have an obligation to fulfill specific fiduciary duties. Our attorneys can represent you in situations involving potential breaches in areas like conflicts of interest, failing to review an urgent matter, and secretly and inappropriately profiting from the organization’s business dealings.

3. Fraud

Accounting fraud can occur in various ways, including deliberately overstating a company’s profits, not recording expenses accurately and misstating liabilities. Our team will access all the available resources to prove or disprove fraud within or against your organization. We also represent whistleblowers who courageously bring these situations to the attention of company executives or law enforcement.

4. Business Buyouts

A buyout or acquisition occurs when one business entity assumes a controlling interest in another. A Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group civil litigation attorney can assist you in navigating these complex transactions to ensure a successful outcome. We can also help you anticipate and overcome potential obstacles that could lead to disputes.

5. Corporate Partnership Agreements

Are you considering entering into a partnership arrangement with another corporate entity? We can verify that your purposes and priorities align with those of your new associates to minimize the potential for conflict. We will assist in outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties to prevent controversies that could pose legal issues.

6. Real Estate Litigation

If you or your company are involved in commercial or residential real estate, our lawyers can provide guidance on the various factors that impact these transactions. We will also pursue litigation when other parties don’t fulfill their contractual or legal obligations.

7. General Civil Litigation

These legal areas are sometimes interconnected. For example, a real estate litigation case could revolve around a contractual dispute between your business and another entity. Our breadth of knowledge and experience enables us to take a broad approach and resolve these issues in your favor.

Aligning Our Litigation Approach With Your Best Interests

Our litigation approach is calculated toward efficient and successful outcomes. We take time to understand our clients’ interests and objectives so that we are able to tailor our litigation approach to align with their best interests. We work to minimize litigation impacts on our clients’ day-to-day life and business operations. We are proud of our trial accomplishments, but we are also skilled negotiators who bring client resolutions through settlement and other creative solutions.

Discuss Your Case With A Civil Litigation Attorney

Our attorneys have decades of experience in representing individuals and businesses in litigation. Learn more about how our team can assist with your business disputes or civil litigation needs. Get in touch with us by calling our Burlingame office at 650-292-2900 or by submitting an inquiry online.