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At Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group, we are prepared to assist with any tax law matter you may be facing. With decades of experience in taxation matters, our tax attorneys will work alongside your accountant to both ease the burden associated with taxes and provide comprehensive representation.

Finding Optimal Solutions to Complicated Taxation Matters

Tax issues can be incredibly complex, permeating nearly every aspect of your life. Facing a tax law matter can leave you confused and uncertain about how to approach it, let alone how to resolve it. Our attorneys can help with all facets of your tax law needs.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Planning Attorney?

The federal, state and local tax laws change frequently. Staying abreast of the updates takes time and effort. A knowledgeable attorney can eliminate your need to be a tax code expert, giving you additional time to devote to other matters.

Minimizing your taxes requires planning. Your attorney will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to avoid unnecessary payments and keep more of your hard-earned money with you and your loved ones. You will also experience a lower risk of penalties and legal issues resulting from unintentional errors and oversights.

While you may not desire to become a tax expert, having a fundamental knowledge of how taxes impact your finances can be advantageous. Your attorney can educate you on these areas. If you are a business owner, you can make more informed decisions and implement tax-reducing changes to your operating processes.

Working with an experienced tax planning attorney can also give you peace of mind. Taxes can be stressful and challenging, so you want to know that you are handling them correctly. By taking on this burden for you, your attorney can put your mind at ease.

The Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group Advantage

We have several attorneys with advanced law degrees in taxation, including certified public accountants, a somewhat rare find among tax law attorneys. The combination of our educational backgrounds and professional experience can provide a significant advantage to your legal matter.

Generating Innovative Strategies for Tax Law Matters

Our tax attorneys are committed to helping you both avoid and fight tax problems, including:

  • Real estate issues or transactions. Our real estate tax attorneys execute tax-deferred exchanges and implement complicated property tax planning to relieve your tax burden in real estate transactions. Depending on your situation, we can help minimize capital gains, transfer, county property and net income taxes.
  • Starting a business. Business owners have myriad tax considerations when starting a business, especially concerning the selected legal structure of their organization. We can simplify the process by clarifying the tax advantages and disadvantages of setting up a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or C-corporation.
  • Estate tax planning considerations. If you are like many of our clients, you have spent a lifetime accumulating assets that you wish to leave for your heirs after you pass away. Without proper tax planning, the estate tax can significantly impose on the assets and property designated to your beneficiaries.
  • Living trusts: This version of estate planning enables you to manage your assets while you are still alive and facilitates their distribution after you die. An attorney can help you understand the relationship between a living trust and taxes and how it impacts your circumstances.
  • Behind on filings: Do you have several years of unfiled tax returns? Our firm can work with the IRS on your behalf to file late returns and handle all the essential communications.
  • Audit assistance: Your tax planning attorney can serve as a liaison between your business and the IRS during a tax audit. We will help you gather the requested documents and submit them for review. We will also respond to any additional questions or requests for information.

Whatever issue you face, we will implement innovative strategies that address your concerns, consider future risks and help alleviate as much of your tax burden as possible for your situation.

Providing Dynamic and Skilled Representation

In circumstances where your taxation matter is unable to be resolved outside of a formal counseling or litigation setting, we represent clients before the following entities:

  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The California Franchise Tax Board
  • The California State Board of Equalization
  • Local county tax assessor’s office

Our attorneys are both skilled negotiators and trial attorneys, prepared to represent your personal and financial interests when seeking a resolution.

Contact an Experienced Tax Law Attorney

Our lawyers can bring value to your taxation matter that few others can. Speak with our tax team to learn how our strategic approach and extensive experience can help resolve your issue. Contact our Burlingame office by calling 650-292-2900 or by emailing us through our online contact form.